Hello and welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light!

Hello and Welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Negative Effects of Anger and Hatred

Do we really need to live with anger and hatred in order to control others and our situations?

The negative vibrations produced through anger and hatred have a devastating effect not just on your health, but on the health of the environment as well. The negative emotions like anger, hatred, fear, jealousy and so on emit foul emissions that are pregnant with lethal toxins. A person living constantly with anger in his heart is slow-poisoning his entire being. This manifests at the physical level in the form of severe diseases that are life-threatening, and debilitates him from living a healthful life ultimately. There are so many people who are moving around in the world like time-bombs, ready to explode at any time. And wherever they go they are infusing the air with the toxic energy. This, then remains in the ethers thus affecting any one that comes in the vicinity of this energy. 

Sometimes when travelling or walking down a street, you may suddenly find yourself getting irritable and restless for no apparent reason. The feeling is strong, bringing about a sudden mood swing in your behaviour. This is possibly because you  picked up the negative vibrations of that area where some nasty event might have taken place, and which found a ready response in your being, thus triggering some past unresolved anger that you are harbouring deep within. If a person had no anger or fear within him, the negative energies around him would have no effect upon him because there would be nothing in him that would respond to these. He would have the power to transmute all that is not of the Light into Light, itself.

In order to clear the area of the negative vibrations, you need to make a conscious effort to direct positive energies to the place. Bless the area with Love and Peace. In fact, with so much anger and sorrow in the world, there is hardly any spot on Earth that abounds with the positive energies of spiritual health, wealth and abundance. It is the sacred mission of all people on Earth to pray for the Mother, and to bless all life with peace, love and light. Unfortunately, people are far too busy scavenging in materialism and amassing the things of the world to appropriate them for the sake of personal value and status in society (such a waste of precious time) than to care about more important issues like the health of the Mother on which their sustenance depends.  

How can you help make a difference in the world? Refuse to accept the negative energies that provoke you into retaliating with dark feelings and emotions. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by anger, fear, sadness and so on, call upon a shield of white light around you to protect you, and to consume all that is evil within and around you. Moreover, you can strengthen your auric-field by praying on a daily basis. It is a good practice to have a prayer on your lips at all times, especially while travelling or heading for some important appointment. The positive energies that you invoke through your prayers do help to reinforce your force-field.

At the same time, you are helping nature as well because when you work with the positive energies, you are radiating out the Light in the environment, and this helps cleanse the ethers of all the noxious substance that people inadvertently emit relentlessly. If each one did his share of shedding his inner light out into the world, the world can truly become a much more peaceful and loving place to live in.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Peek Into the New Age

There is a growing sense of awareness among people about what is happening to our beloved planet. Many, as yet, have no idea of what Ascension is or of the Galactic Beings with their billions of space-ships orbiting the Earth, overseeing the  progression of the planet and of each individual thereon. Many people are still living their lives in a dream-state as they go about doing the same things day after day to suit their materialistic lifestyle. They continue to live in the delusion that this world is all that there is to live for, and that nothing lies beyond it that is going to bring them peace and happiness. This is the lie that most people have been living for eons, and is one of the main reasons for so much unhappiness and frustration in the world.

The fact is that Mother Earth is now all geared up to move on, Nothing will stop Her from doing so, and all obstructions in Her Path to progress will be shattered, causing much harm and destruction in the bargain. Yet, it is all for the good of humanity and the planet. It is time mankind is awakened with a rude shock out of his reveries of his material world. For too long he has been disregarding the needs of Nature and ignoring Her repeated warnings.The days of pampering and being tolerant are over, and the Mother is not going to stand man's callous ways any more.

For far too long man has chosen to live separate from his Galactic Brothers and Sisters. The time to reunite with his star family is much closer than you think. When humanity has reached a higher degree of consciousness, which is not too far, these celestial Beings will step down on Earth and mingle with the Earth people. They will bring with them new discoveries that are environmental friendly and cost-effective, simple to use and affordable to all. To do this at this moment in time is not safe as the corporate sharks will take over and slap a patent on them, depriving the common man his right to live in the comfort that is his birth-right. 

Ships, which are cloaked as of now, will be de-cloaked and everyone will be able to see them. This will be a moment of greater rejoicing and celebration. The Galactic Beings have been waiting for this reunion for far too long. But people have always looked upon extra-terrestrials with fear and dread; they looked upon them as enemies, and are ready to attack. For this reason, these Great Beings have chosen to stay put, and kept their eye on mankind and the planet from a distance. Oft times They have saved the planet from being hit by meteors, as well as from other impending dangers. These advanced Beings of Light are our Guardians and Benefactors. They love us unconditionally and it saddens Them to think that Their earthly brothers and sisters have alienated Them from their worldly lives; They are waiting patiently for mankind to rise out of their dark wells of materialism and realise the true glory that awaits them there.

With the raising of the planet and the consciousness of all humanity, people will abound with radiant health and happiness. Sickness, old-age and death will be a thing of the past. People will use their inner power to multiply health, happiness and abundance on Earth, and will co-exist with Nature in perfect harmony and compassion. Killing of animals for their meat and other barbaric acts will be done away with for good. In fact such acts will be looked upon with horror and abhorrence in the new age. Youth and rejuvenation will be the order of the day. 

No person will have to "work" for a living. The concept of jobs will not prevail. All people will be free to work in the field that they love the most - they will work for the love of it and not for money as it is done now. The question of "making a living" will not arise because money is not going to be a major issue. There will not be a concept of money and finance; everyone will work to serve his brethren. There will be an exchange of energy, certainly, but it will not be by way of money. No more taxes and other financial formalities, in terms of investments and the works will prevail. It will be a world of God-government, and not of wily politicians who are thriving on the rights of the common man. Therefore, in God-government all mankind will live in perfect equality and brotherhood. 

The Golden Age is drawing close - too close than you can possibly imagine. Look around you, and you will notice the changes, even though they may be too subtle to really notice at a glance. Start believing in things beyond your materialistic lifestyle. Go out in Nature, and draw in the vibrant energies of the trees and the flowers. Commune with Nature with your thoughts and feelings. Make changes in your food-habits; taper down your intake of meat and alcohol until your body can no longer tolerate it. Go for fresh "life" foods that grow and ripen in the light of the sun. This is how you will raise you vibrations and experience glowing health in all areas of your being. The vibrant energy will attract greater abundance into your life. Prepare your body for a greater life, which is yours to claim. Love all unconditionally. May Peace and Love be with you always. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Format your Mental Box

Format your mental box daily with the dawning of each new day. Most of you are moving around with a lot of junk  collected over a great many years.Invoke the white Light of God and intend it over you, surrounding your entire being. Allow the Light to heal your wounds that have been festering for a long time. The Light will soothe your pain and erase all wounds, with no trace of scars left behind. With that, you will be relieved of your inner anger and hatred toward your contenders. Having thus cleansed your being, you must resolve not to ingest anything that is not of the Light, thrown at you. Allow only that, which is uplifting for your soul. Be centred in the Light of Peace. 

All the conditionings and beliefs that were formed based on your past experiences, must be deleted. Once this is done, refrain from giving it any further energy with your thoughts. In other words do not go back into the memory lane to recall the past. Your past has its place in the oblivion; not in your NOW. This is where people fail miserably in life, because they are trying to live in two separate time-zones at a time. Much of their sorrow and suffering is due to the fact that they are out of sync with the moment of NOW, which is pregnant with all the peace that they can ask for, in life.

Now is the time to reformat your mind with new healthful thoughts. You have been living with the junk for so long - junk that is infested with toxic substances, slow poisoning your mind and soul. Your body, mind and soul must be in alignment with the cosmic Mind for optimum health and perfection. This helps promote Light. And the Light helps you to think clearly; there are no shadows here, in the Light to confuse you from thinking what is right for you. It helps keep the communications lines open between you and your Source for continued divine inspiration. 

Your power is determined by the Light that filters into your being. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be loving and forgiving to all. Invest in happy, joyful thoughts. Be in the Light so that your mind is ever clear of all the dark thoughts that grow like weeds in a terrible tangle of worries, fears and superstitions. 

Be Light! Be Joy!


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

You are the captain of Your Ship

You cannot be influenced by negativity if you choose not to. Nothing can compel you to enter the darkness when you have chosen to be in the Light. The power of freewill choice lies with you and only you. Yours is to challenge the dark; not to succumb to it in fear and trepidation, whining and complaining about people and situations that threaten your peace. 

The moment you decide to be in charge of yourself and take responsibility of your life, you will discover your inner strength that can help overcome the darkness around you. You are the captain of your ship. Steer your vessel in the Light always. Be in full control during the nasty storms of life. Keep your wits about you and handle the situation with grace and poise to prevent your vessel from capsizing. Anchor it firmly in the core of God's Light or else it will drift away with the dark, roaring waves that will toss it around, and thrash it against the treacherous rocks that lie hidden beneath them.

As a captain, you need to be strong and courageous. Deal with all situations with equanimity and higher understanding. Just as you need the skill to maneuver your boat in the raging seas, similarly, you need to exercise tact and diplomacy in bringing about peace when things get tough. You need to shine your light on people who are steeped in the darkness of anger and hatred. The Light will help them see where they are going, and what direction they are taking along their journey in life. Only a good, hardy captain can bring his ship home safe and sound, at the end of a harrowing voyage.    

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Walk In the Light of God

Walk in the Light of God. The Path that is ever lit by the cosmic sun is arduous and steep, yet it beholds treasures to gladden the soul. Your body may tire treading the Path that is rocky and winding with many an ascent and descent, but here you will find peace and greater satisfaction. The air is permeated with the pure energies of the Great Divine Beings who have walked this Path. There are no dark corners for the evil to lurk around this route. The Light is too intense for it to withstand, and so you are ever safe and protected as long as you have the Light around you. The twists and turns may weary you, but you can attune to the energies of the Masters to spur you on with renewed hope and replenished energy.

You cannot lose sight of your blessed destination when you are lifted by the invisible Hands that hear your call for help when you stumble and fall. The world is yours to rule when you walk in the Light – free as a bird to live as you like. You are not enslaved by the dark ones who rule the world and gain possession of the minds of the gullible. A heart filled with Light is free to enjoy the peace and love of the spirit within. Your mind when illumined with the Light and divine knowledge is free from the intruders that torture and torment. So fear not treading this strenuous Path – it is tiring and wearisome but your most cherished treasure of peace and love is safe in your heart.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Have Goals to Boost Your Self-esteem

Build up your self-esteem by having goals in life. It really does not matter what kind of goals you are trying to achieve, as long as they are health-conducive and righteous. Goals help to keep one’s mind healthfully occupied. A focussed mind is a closed door to all disparaging thoughts and negative entities that fill you with a sense of hopelessness and frustrations in life. Every goal successfully attained is a boost to your self-esteem.

It is a good habit to have goals in one’s life, no matter how small they may be. There is so much within you that needs to be improved upon, and you can start with goals that hone your personality, and make you a kind of person that everyone would like to be around with. With confidence and experience you can then go on to targeting bigger goals in life.Goals make your life meaningful; they give you a reason to wake up each morning with love and enthusiasm for life.

It is a good idea to maintain a journal when you are working with goals. This helps to organise your thoughts and to keep track of your efforts. This way you build a clear picture of your desires so that you are encouraged to work with one-pointed concentration towards your goal. Goals help build up a positive attitude with a disciplined mind-set. When working with goals you need to work with rewards and minus-points. When you are on the right track you need to give yourself brownie-points. But when you have slipped up, give yourself minus points. Rewards help to encourage you in your efforts towards achieving success, while minus-points would make you work with even greater determination and alacrity. It helps develop a healthy competition with your self, where you are your own competitor, and where your failures become a challenge to work harder towards success. Then, when the focus is on your own self, you automatically stop looking at other successful people with envy and jealousy. On the contrary, you begin to draw inspiration from them, and start looking upon them as role models.

Determine a dead-line for accomplishing your goals. This creates in you the drive to achieving your desired result with sincerity and enthusiasm. Failure to reach your target despite your earnest efforts should not thwart your interest in working towards it, but should make you wiser and stronger than ever. Optimism is the key to getting what you want. Nothing is impossible when your mind is dead set to getting what it wants. The more goals you achieve, the more confident you become of yourself, of your power and of gaining victory for all your future goals.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Peace! An Ocean of Comfort

Allow Peace to rule your world and have dominion over your life. There is no greater healer than Peace itself. When your heart is submerged in the ocean of Peace, it is in a state of perpetual health and happiness, thus preserving your inner beauty and youth; Peace is like a security-blanket to the heart as much as it is to a small child, assuring one with comfort and security. 

Worries and fears have played havoc to the body, mind and soul. The face of such a one is fraught with lines and wrinkles, and the body wracked with dis-ease. The mind works erratically, emotions are edgy, while nerves are taut with anticipation. It is barely possible to deal with everyday situations and problems rationally and with equanimity when your body, mind and soul are not aligned with each other. More often than not, wrong decisions are taken, thus worsening an already bad situation. This is why people are all the time creating problems for themselves. 

Peace brings about inner harmony. When all facets of your being are in accord with each other, no outside situation can affect you adversely. You are then said to be in complete bliss. Inner stillness is the natural state of a soul. We have all that we want when the heart is steeped in deep peace. With that, you do not need to look outside for peace and happiness; the outside world will have no power over you to hold you spellbound with obsessions for materialism and empty riches. The peace that you are looking for in the outside world is ever-elusive because there IS no peace out there - just an illusion of peace, which you may experience from time to time through material things, and that is no eternal peace, but leaves you craving for more things of the matter world.

The absence of Peace creates a sense of void within that creates a sense of want, which is why people look in the outside world - materialism - to fill in that void. Materialism creates a delusion of rendering satisfaction. On the contrary, it is a trap whereby a soul is bound by invisible fetters, causing more suffering than relief to an individual. Nagging doubts and suspicions hound a restless mind to the point of exasperation. 

In the face of difficulties, take charge of yourself. Pull yourself together, take a deep breath, and intend that you are aligned in body, mind and soul with your Mighty God Presence. Exhale slowly, then draw in a deep breath again intending that you are in the Presence of your God-self, and that you are filled with eternal peace. All solutions that emerge now from this poised state of mind will always be for the highest good for you. In this state, you remain unfazed by any outside situation, no matter how grim it may appear to be because you know that with peace, you are in complete charge of yourself. 

Vera Daroga

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