Hello and welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light!

Hello and Welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Evil Is Not Powerful.

In a strange yet obvious way, evil has a divine role to play in the lives and in the evolution of humankind. However, its appearance is not real or permanent as people make it out to be; it exists only because man has invited this energy, and is here to serve its purpose as per his will. The insanities of the lower self that drives him to hurt and destroy the lives of others help to a large extent in propagating darkness, and to multiply the strength of the negative forces in the world.  His spiritual ignorance does not allow him to see that whatever he sends out into the Universe must return to its owner with hundred times the force than when it was sent out, as per the Law of Karma. This is what the Great Masters meant when they preached that whatever you do unto others, you do it to your self. Every thought that you send out in the Universe has your signature on it. This thought then attracts unto you the thoughts and energies of similar nature, which are floating around in the astral environment, thus getting larger and stronger, snowballing before it finally returns to you with an impact that could turn your world upside down.

The Laws of the Universe are merciful for they help one to grow and evolve; they are not punishing, as you would conceptualize punishment in earthly terms; they are not condemning as well. The Laws are created in order to maintain greater cosmic harmony and balance in the cosmos. Thus, when you fail to live up to the standard of universal harmony, the discordance is bound to cause certain conditions of sorrow and troubles in your life. It is the way of the Universe to awaken people to bring about self-realization so that people will amend their erroneous ways, and endeavour to create harmony in their lives. Man is programmed to learn only through much suffering, and this is why the planet Earth serves as a school of hard knocks to all mankind.

The evil in the world must therefore not be looked upon with fear and hostility but must be dealt with the inherent power, responsibility and divine understanding in order to ward away its malefic influence in your life. It is commonplace to retaliate the evil forces with anger, fear and other tumultuous emotions, but this only increases the strength of diabolism in the world. You cannot fight fire with fire and expect to put out the flames. All injustices and atrocities in the world must be meted out with divine intelligence and wisdom as against the savagery that people resort to when they throng the streets to protest with vandalic acts against this or that corruption or infringement upon their rights or against some injustice or the other. Man has yet to attain a deeper understanding on the dynamic energy of unconditional love before he can hope to live a blissful existence on Earth. One must not fear evil or be overwhelmed by its monstrosities. All evil can be tamed and neutralised by the power of unconditional love. The dark forces fear the light of unconditional love as the intensity of the divine energy is too powerful to withstand, and so they are compelled to flee into the shadows of their dark habitat. They know when they are defeated. The evil energies have no effect on those who have built up a strong, radiant energy-field around them. The positive energies emitted from such a being flings back all unlike itself, and thus provides greater protection unto himself.

One of the most important reasons of the existence of evil on the planet is to teach humanity the lessons of unconditional love and forgiveness. Human beings come to Earth to evolve in their spiritual progress by learning to overcome all imperfections and gaining mastery on the game of life. It serves no purpose to live in submission to the negative forces that lure you into doing all that is deleterious to your health and well-being. The forces of the world intimidate people with lies that are designed to instill all sorts of fears in them in order to keep them trapped in their lower states of consciousness, and thus deter them from accepting the true inner path to personal Christhood. The evil exhibits a false sense of power and glamour about the materialistic life-style, and uses it as a ruse to keep humanity entrapped in this illusion so that they do not become too desirous of a higher spiritual life. All fears must be challenged and aired out. You need to develop your inner awareness in order to see through the lies of these unscrupulous forces, and then use your free will to make the choices, which are conducive to your spiritual health and progress, and which will break you free from all compulsions of your lower self.  


  1. Love it. What a great post, Vera. As you said, duality of good vs evil, allows us to experience the bad parts of life so that we can appreciate the good parts. How would we know good if we didn't have bad parts to compare it to? It would be like trying to explain what the color white is when you only see and know the the color white. Only when we know darker colors can we truly understand and appreciate white. So it takes the bad and darker parts of life for us to greatly appreciate the good (lighter) parts - hence love and compassion. When we suffer ourselves we develop a great compassion for others because we know how they feel. I also loved how you described how the Law of Karma and Attraction works in our lives. Again, great post and thank you for the work you are doing to help enlighten the world.

    1. Thanks a lot Joe for your feed-back. I truly appreciate it. You have explained it well in relation with colors. Thanks once again.


Vera Daroga

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