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Hello and Welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light

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Friday, August 9, 2013

You Cannot Bribe God with Your Prayers

Do prayers and rituals have the power to absolve you of your karmas?

The answer is no. There is a general misconception that prayers help to free you from the consequences of your wrong doings. Very many people indulge in lavish rituals and expensive offerings as a safeguard against the trials and tribulations in their lives. It is not wrong to express your devotion to God and to participate in holy activities, but it is certainly not devotion if one were to look upon God solely as a means to put an end to their sorrows. It must be understood that it is not God’s place to relieve man of his burdens. The burdens of man are the consequences of his own doings, and no God or angel but he alone can get rid of his problems. And the only way to do so is to face these squarely in the face, and go through them with loads of positive attitude. 

Karmas are the lessons of life, which must be dealt with before you can expect to rise at a higher spiritual level. These lessons help to purify your soul and increase your vibrational frequency so that you start to wean away from the lower desires of the carnal mind, and start to navigate towards the higher and more wholesome part of life. Every individual that enters the Earth plane comes with his own syllabus of life-situations, which must be dealt with for the given lifetime. By failing to learn your lessons, they do not reduce but multiply, and come to haunt you in the subsequent lifetimes, whereby your load increases, and for all you know you may find yourself in a worse predicament than you are now. You think you can evade your karmas but you cannot, for these will catch up with you sooner or later. By refusing to deal with these, life will eventually corner you so that you are compelled to go through them with much pain and sorrow.

Some of the ways by which people refuse to learn their lessons are by steeping themselves into deep sorrow and depression, cursing their fate, refusing to emerge into the Light and adopt a positive attitude, hiding in the cover of dark energies bemoaning their woes, and nursing their fatalistic ideas towards life on Earth, thus resorting to self-sympathy that gives them a false sense of martyrdom. Or else, they choose to delve deep into the throes of materialism, and get completely lost in a materialistic lifestyle, seeking refuge in the emptiness of the matter things that seem to give them an illusion of joy and peace – a sense of respite from all their sorrows and sufferings, while in reality they are allowing themselves to be possessed by the forces of materialism. In all of these above ways, all that man is doing is that he is shielding himself from the Light of Truth and Reality, choosing, by his own free will, to live in darkness instead of in the Light. None of his methods can ever change or wipe out the Universal Laws; the Light shines ever so brilliant and strong, unaffected by man’s fallen consciousness.

You cannot fool the Universe. The Law of Cause and Effect remains immutable and impartial to all; they remain unaffected by the emotional dramas of man. The divine Laws bow down to no man; they compel man to bow down ultimately to them. Man cannot rise above his predicaments on his own. He requires that extra boost to withstand the strains of life, and this is where prayers and holistic rituals come in use whereby one builds around him a shield of positive energies that provide him with divine strength and courage to go through life with peace and acceptance. The positive energies supply you with the power and wisdom to make the right choices in life, thus preventing you from creating further bad karmas, but you still need to settle those which you have already created. Therefore, treat your prayers and your devotion to God with greater respect. Pray not out of self-pity, anger and hatred for your lot; pray not for favours or egoistic pleasures; spiritualise your prayers by asking for divine Guidance, Wisdom and Strength to tackle life with greater efficiency and peace.

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