Hello and welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light!

Hello and Welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hope and Peace

This is a message of Hope and Peace the two important elements that help to keep the body, mind and soul in harmony with each other.

Hope is like a fuel for your soul. It is what keeps you going tirelessly in life despite all the obstacles and disappointments in life. Man would find it impossible to survive without Hope. There would be no reason for him to live if his trials and tribulations were meant to break him. Each time your dreams are dashed to the ground, it is the benevolent hand of Hope that gathers the broken pieces and glues them up to renew the picture of your dreams, and places it back at the altar of your heart so that you may continue to work towards fulfilling your desires in life.

Hope is the agent of Peace. Whenever Hope is in charge, Peace is at its side. This divine partnership brings solace and quietude to the heart that is restless and wrought with pain. Then, when you extend your hand in friendship to Hope, you will find things automatically rearranging themselves to orderliness. Your world, which appeared topsy-turvy under the influence of a chaotic mindset, now becomes normal again; your perspective in life is back in place, and you begin to see things more clearly, more intelligibly. Hope fills your heart with renewed vigour, spurring you on to move speedily and eagerly towards your goals. A veritable saviour, it saves you from sinking into the treacherous mires of despondency from which it is difficult (but not impossible) to rise. Hope helps you to regain your footsteps on the Path, and to reclaim your divine identity, which the forces of darkness try to snatch it away from you, and leave you wandering about like a lost, deserted soul.

Work and live with Hope for a greater meaningful life. Allow Hope to govern your life because Hope is a power to reckon with, and where there is Hope, you are free from all the negative influences that seek to pull you into the vortex of the downward spiral of the negative energies. Hope is self-illumined; it brings with it the light that helps you see the bright side of every situation, and brightens up your dark, dreary nights. You need the light of Hope in your life. Nothing can go wrong when you have befriended Hope, and pledged to live with it eternally as your faithful partner. It brings with it Peace for added comfort and joy.

Hopelessness is simply the absence of Light, and in darkness all things appear intimidating and sinister. There is no such thing as damnation and doom. These are the thoughts and ideas conjured by the forces of darkness that deny the Presence of the All-loving God. It is the evil intent to set the fear of God in the hearts of mankind in order to stop him from advancing into the Light. The reality of such lies is limited only as far as the foes of Light are concerned. The Light exposes the Truth, which proclaims that darkness and all that stems from it are unreal. A tiny glimmer of Light is powerful enough to unveil the lies that are sugar-coated with an alluring charm. Strive to keep your mind clean and bright. Do away with the old, disparaging thoughts. When your mind is cluttered with dark thoughts you are unable to see with clarity; they cloud your inner vision and distort perfect images into hideous ones so that you are ever filled with fears and apprehensions about life.

Be focussed on the Light of God, and attune your mind to the Universal Mind for greater well-being. Hope is the angel of Peace, and works lovingly with those whose minds are fine-tuned to the higher Mind of God. Such a one maintains a calm, quiet composure in times of troubles even while the world around him is distraught with grief and pain. The simple mantra, “this too shall pass” is the axiom of Hope, and works as a powerful tool when the trials and tribulations of life appear too overwhelming for you to handle in peace; it is the vital energy that helps to nurture the weary hearts, and strengthens your spirit against the blows of life; it is a weapon that smites the evil, and paves your road for a smooth, pleasant journey. As long as your heart is alive and beating, there is always plenty of room for Hope. “Hope springs eternal in the human heart.”

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