Hello and welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light!

Hello and Welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light

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Saturday, May 3, 2014


This message is for all those who have difficulty in giving and receiving love freely; it aims at those who are embittered in life because of the past, unpleasant experiences that have left ugly scars upon your soul. 

The inability to love stems from the lack of self-worthiness. When you do not love yourself, you are not able to love others as well. Sometimes life-situations have been very challenging to the self, where one is compelled to experience humiliation and derision, and with that he begins to belittle himself with guilt, blame and shame. Self-condemnation, lack of self-worthiness and guilty conscience are huge obstacles that block the sunlight of God’s love-rays to filter in your heart. How then can a heart that is languishing for a drop of love be able to radiate love all around it? The heart is mal-nourished, and needs to be treated; the dark monstrous blockades need to be ousted from the seat of the Holy Spirit, and love, restored. 

Moreover, by closing yourself to the energy of Love, you are closing your heart chakra from receiving the Light and the energy of Love from the Heart of God, which is ever pouring down to you. Consequently, when your heart chakra is closed your soul feels trapped in a cage that is filled with darkness, where it thrashes about frenetically for a drop of light to sustain itself; this is nothing short of being locked up in the ancient, God-forsaken, deep, dark dungeons where the prisoners were confined to rot and die. 

In the absence of love, dark forces bring with them poisons like jealousies, hatred, fear, anger, greed and the like. Jealousy is one such poison that requires no cause or motive. It is unreasonable and uncontrollable. In this state of mind, a person will stoop to any level to bring harm to his rivals. However, this weakness can be overcome by one’s own power of will, and the ardent desire to rise above it. The desire to rise in the Light must come from deep within. You need to realise your true identity, and to believe in the fact that you are worthy enough to live with greater self-dignity and pride as a child of God. 

Start by tuning in to your divine Self – your Higher Self – that loves you unconditionally, and feel that love in your heart. This will help you open up your heart. Allow the Light of Love to filter in and fill your heart. The Light will purify your being, and cleanse you of all your poisons. As the heart warms up with the divine Light, it will start to expand. The Light will then automatically illuminate everything that is around you; you will begin to perceive life in the Light of the newfound love in your heart. You will no longer regard your rivals as foes because in this Light you will see them differently – with greater compassion and kindness. The change of energy will lift you to a different height from where you will perceive life with greater benevolence. 

As you begin to give love freely, you will find that you are receiving it in greater quantity from others. The influx of the universal energy is directly proportional to the outflow. The healthy flow of this divine energy helps expand your heart, and fills you with a greater well-being. You will experience abundance in all areas of your life. Nothing can stop you then from leading a life of greater health and prosperity. 

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