Hello and welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light!

Hello and Welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light

"Vera's Web of Cosmic Light" deals with subjects exclusively of spiritual matter that help promote the spiritual growth of all people on Earth.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Voice Within

Follow the dictates of your heart for it is here that the Voice of God speaks to you. Learn to obey the quiet commands of the Lord, which you hear as the still, soft voice within. Let no outside sounds interfere with the Voice or try to subdue It with loud boisterous demands of the lower-self that is controlled by the forces of evil. 

The Truth and Reality is in the Voice that speaks to you in soft, gentle decibels. Tune in to the mellifluous sound within so that you can hear the Voice loud and clear in your heart and in your head when It speaks to you. 

The stronger your rapport with the Voice, the stronger will It sound to your spiritual ears. To disregard It would be to show disrespect to the Almighty. When you hear It, acknowledge It with deep gratitude and reverence. 

To obey the Voice means to allow the Almighty to lead you safely through the terrors of the world. The Voice is your Saviour and Benefactor. It is the answer to your everlasting peace and joy. Blessed are they who follow the Voice with all their heart and soul. 

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