Hello and welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light!

Hello and Welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Message from Sananda

Greetings to  you beloved child. This is Sananda. As you know the Earth is in Her final stages to ascend into the fifth dimension. The time is drawing very close when all humanity will experience new changes in keeping with the higher energies of peace and love. The time is near when We shall descend and start to reveal Ourselves to the people. The Galactics are all prepared for this reunion. The disclosure is going to take place in a short Earth time. All of humanity is being prepared for this at the subtle levels. This will help minimise fears and doubts for all that is going to happen on the planet. 
The Prime Creator has given Us the go-ahead to intervene should your governments decide to hide the important information about Us and the Earth's Ascension from you. We now have the power and the authority to intervene, and We shall do so by all means in ways that will take everyone by surprise, shock and wonderment. We urge you people of the Earth not to give in to fear and panic for you really are in safe hands, and all that is to take place is for the ultimate good of the planet and its people. We shall use the media - television, internet, radio, cinemas and so on to broadcast Our Message, and to announce Our Presence to all on Earth. We shall not leave any stone unturned to accomplish Our Mission, to help raise humanity to a higher consciousness, and to free it from the evil spell of its oppressors. 
Noone can stop Us from doing so. Your government will be powerless to take any action against Us or to prevent Us from exposing the Truth that has been kept hidden from the public eye; all the ugly truths about their evil designs will be thrown open to the public. People will at last see how they were manipulated with empty sweet promises of health and wealth just so that they remain under their control, restricting them from enjoying the true freedom of their God-given rights. 
No more shall the people suffer so! Now is the time for all people to wake up and take back the power that they have so unwittingly given to the dark ones. It is time now to wake up and realise the Truth about their Brothers and Sisters in the neighbourhood of planet Earth and within the Earth. It is time now to wake up and realise about their Ascension with that of the beloved Mother Earth, and to recognise their true identity as free spiritual beings in their own right. 
Once the realisation sets in, no power on Earth can stop you from soaring swiftly into the Light. With that, the unscrupulous governments all over the world will topple down, and all those responsible for the oppression of the common-man shall be removed instantaneously from the planet, and will be relocated on the planes of lower dimensions where they can carry on with their evolution and learning. 
People of the Earth are going to witness great shocks and surprises in days to come. They will see strange occurrences, which will be nothing short of miracles for them, and will be talked about with much awe and wonder all over the world. The veil is slowly lifting from the consciousness of mankind. Be prepared for all that is to come. Be centred in the Light of the unconditional Love. This will prevent you from being blown away by all that is to take place on Earth. Live with your eyes and ears wide open for that takes place around and within you.
May peace and joy be with you always.  

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