Hello and welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light!

Hello and Welcome to Vera's Web of Cosmic Light

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You Are a Powerful Being of Light

All you people out there, wake up and recognise your true identity as powerful beings of Light. You are all God's creations and you have the power to heal yourselves of all afflictions of the body, mind and soul. You are a reservoir of knowledge. All the knowledge that you are seeking from the outside world is within you. Sadly, your powers are suppressed by your false beliefs that you have inadvertently embraced since you were born. The lies that you were brought up on that you are mere mortal, powerless and weak at the mercy of some outside force, that you are born in sin and deserving of God's punishment, and that it would be blasphemous to even think of rising to your personal Christhood. All these lies and much more is the evil design of the dark forces to keep man trapped in the lower consciousness. This is what is imbibed in you since birth by all those in your circle of influence, and you have lived and adhered to these destructive beliefs through all difficulties and challenging situations. You have given away your power to the dark forces that are controlling your mind, and entrapping it in the shadows of doubts and fears. 

With the new waves of energy sweeping throughout the planet, now is the time to reclaim your power, and take charge of yourself. Throw all your fears and wrong beliefs into the Light of Truth, and see them dissipate in the pure flames of Truth. It is time to reprogramme your mind with the empowering thoughts and beliefs that you are indeed a powerful being, a healer and a benefactor to all. You have the power to restore perfection in your body, mind and soul. You are a vast ocean of pure love and peace, and you need not depend on materialism for your  peace and happiness. Materialism only leads to obsession and craving; it is a bondage from, which you cannot escape easily, as much as you would like to. Believe in your God-self - your Mighty I AM Presence - for all that you need, and for all the knowledge that you seek in the outside world. Schools and institutions have done much harm to the minds of man by imparting distorted truths; much of what is taught is based on distorted facts and half-truths that are misleading and biased. 

Go within and find out the Truth for yourself. It is each one's responsibility to connect with your individual I AM Presence, and learn the Truth. Wisdom is gained only through knowledge and experience. It cannot be bestowed upon anyone from some outside force. This is an inside job. Do not waste your energy talking uselessly when in company. Listen and observe in silence, and then go within and learn for yourself what is true and what is not. You will know when you are in a state of calm.What resonates with you is the truth, the rest is garbage, which you must reject. Anything that generates fear or provokes you into anger and sorrow must be rejected. Fears are generated in people who have no control over themselves, but depend on the outside world for their peace and security. They are the ones who are living at the mercy of the outside world. It is the result of the inner or spiritual ignorance, and so they lose their grip on themselves when faced with difficulties. Fear robs you of your ability to think rationally and clearly. Superstitions are hideous beliefs stemmed from the minds steeped in dark fears. Those anchored firmly in their God-presence have nothing to fear. Their wisdom and insight saves them from relating with the life's dramas. They remain neutral and calm as they deal with life's ordeals. In such a state of mind you can clearly see the solution that comes with your difficulties. This helps you to sail smoothly through all obstacles that come your way. 

Be Light! Be Peace!   

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